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The Civil Service are well set up for Olympic hassle in London

Kudos to my friends in the Civil Service: they’re ahead of the private sector in flexible working to protect business continuity during the Olympics.

In April 41% of buisnesses surveyed by YouGov had decided not to make contingency plans to help their London based staff work from home, or hadn’t made them yet.  Most Government Departments based in Central London made plans early and now 150 Whitehall staff  will be working from offices in Croydon (I remember using a good remote set up there as early as a snowy Christmas 2000), with other examples in Dorking, Bedford, Reading to name but just 3 alternative sites.

Many SMEs in the private sector are saying that the 7 weeks when the disruption will be worst will see their staff trying to come into the office regardless – sometimes because of the cost of providing laptops or smartphones for their staff.

Come on the SMEs! I suspect that those who will be having their staff work elsewhere will have great test beds for remote collaboration processes in the future. And though the Olympic pressure will go away, the other pressures of rental costs, and employee expectations, are here to stay!



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