Cyber WorkPlace

Remote collaboration consultants


Cyber WorkPlace is a remote collaboration consultancy, jointly owned by Dion Lindsay and Lyndsay Rees-Jones

Dion Lindsay  has trained teams in many organisations in the hows and whys of sharing knowledge, wherever they are. From PRINCE2 project management software to google docs, skype and video channels, he has seen what well-chosen tools can do for a mobile organisation’s effectiveness. He is convinced that collaboration (working knowledgeably together to a common purpose) needs to be possible even when people are away from the office, and that the tools for the job are available today as never before.

Lyndsay Rees-Jones has worked remotely and collaboratively within a variety of organisations during her professional life.  Home and office based for over 12 years she has learned the power of alternative working as well as identified challenges which organisations must consider. If organisations are to attract the right calibre of employee or volunteer, they need to be prepared to accommodate their individual needs more sympathetically and efficiently, working together to deliver results.