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What is remote collaborative working?

How do organisations continue to be effective when their human resources are geographically dispersed?  How does the third sector operate cost-efficiently when they have a mixture of staff and volunteers scattered all over?   The answer?  They collaborate remotely. But how?

 It’s not straightforward, because people are involved.  But then working all together in one place isn’t problem-free either. Humans are complex, so any interaction is an adventure.  When you add the challenge of being in separate places into the mix it could be considered foolish!  No so.

People have collaborated remotely for generations.  In ancient times the only way was via messenger (by horse, or by ship, or by coach), first verbally then using written missives. As time progressed there were more techy options: telegrams, telex, and phone.  In the last few years the range of options has exploded. We have so many tools and options that it’s daunting.  Where do organisations and companies begin?  Push, or pull, or both?

Generally the powers that be reach for the technology, without any real thought about just exactly how these tools can be used to further their mission.

Whether you are using email + phone + post, or being more adventurous and using video conferencing, there are still behaviours to interpret.  And there are now even more options.  We are living in a working world where a meeting between five people could include the following: one on a mobile phone pretty much anywhere; one in the head office using phone and computer; one  travelling overseas using laptop; one on a landline in a satellite office; and one on the train with laptop and phone. The technology exists that allows all five to communicate and collaborate.  One you have sorted the technical issues, the real challenge is how to make it work well.

What kind of behaviours and considerations are needed?



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